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Without a targeted strategy, success is possible. But the opposite is more likely.

In a world of countless opportunities, high pace, and a high degree of digitalisation, it’s crucial for your company’s success to have a marketing strategy to navigate from. Additionally, with a well thought out marketing strategy, you avoid too many oops and let’s-try-this moments when everyday life really kicks in.

An effective marketing strategy is built on in-depth analysis and a thorough understanding of your company’s goals, challenges, opportunities, and target group(s). It should alleviate pain points within the target group and speak to their sweet spots.

And this is exactly how we help you develop a strategy from A to Z that ensures your marketing efforts support your business and contribute to achieving your goals.

We can help you with:
Definition of values
ESG communication
Communication strategy


The more we know, the better decisions we can make. And this is where analysis and insights come into play.

Actually, this is often where we start. By getting to know your business, your target audience, your competitors, and the like, we can position you as strongly as possible. We collect both qualitative and quantitative data. We ask the big and small questions. We delve into competitors, target groups, trends, and market tendencies, and we map out customer journeys.

And how do we do that? We conduct in-depth desk research. We conduct surveys. We talk to relevant stakeholders through interviews, and we facilitate focus groups and workshops.

After this, the analytical work begins, which ultimately gives us a clear picture of where the opportunities for you and your company lie. At the same time, we gain a lot of insights that enable us to create tailored and creative solutions. Solutions that move brands, people, and attitudes.

We can help you with:


They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But it surely doesn’t hurt if the outside plays its part too.

The common thread in your expression and communication is crucial. It’s through the visual and communicative universe that core values, DNA, identity, and beliefs must live, and in this way, your target group(s) should quickly be able to decipher what your brand stands for.

The battle for attention is fierce, and you can’t afford to make a poor first impression. Your brand needs to be recognisable, and there must be coherence between the visual and textual universe.

It goes without saying. We can’t design a visual identity for your brand without knowing more about it. First, we talk. Then, we think. After that, we work our magic.

We can help you with:
Concept & campaign development
Visual identity
Graphic production
Motion graphics & animations


We can’t overlook the fact that the internet and social media are crucial if you want to target your messages and reach your specific audience. It’s all about promoting your brand and products or services right where your target group is – often on the internet and social media.

There are many ways to do this, and that’s why it’s extremely important to start by defining a strategy for your digital efforts before you start thinking about the details. A digital strategy ensures that your efforts have an impact and are aligned across the digital customer journey.

Let us create a digital strategy that will increase your visibility, strengthen your performance, and take your brand to the next level.

We can help you with:
Social media management
Google Search & Shopping
Google Display
E-mail marketing


Your website is one of the most important touchpoints, and it must be tailored to your needs and desires and to your target audience. And by tailored, we mean that we adapt your website to your visual identity and ensure that it all fits into your universe — with both UI and UX in mind.

Because the majority of new customers form an impression of your business on the internet before they contact you, your website should be prioritised and perform from the start. With an engaging and user-friendly website that guides your customers, you give a first impression of your business or brand that won’t easily be forgotten.

We blend design, technology, and content to create a website that suits your business and your brand. A website that ensures performance and an optimal customer journey from day one.

We can help you with:
Web design / UX / UI
Web development & programming
Automated solutions
Operation & maintenance


Superego Productions is our creative production company and your shortcut to unique studio productions created by passionate specialists. In our own in-house studio, we produce high-quality animations, videos, and studio productions.

From initial idea to final product, we create everything from bigger cinema commercials to shorter videos for social media – always with attention to the small details that make the big difference. Want to take your content to the next level with video or animations? Superego Productions is the way to go!

We can help you with:
3D print & animations


Everyone can write. Or can they? Most people can formulate a quite decent text, but few master the discipline. We do.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But text and words create the context. Words tell stories, inspire feelings, and shift attitudes. So choose them wisely. That’s what we do. We don’t just write for the sake of writing. We write to elevate your brand and strengthen your position.

We write texts for big and small messages. For the more serious ones and the more cheeky ones. For social media. For websites. For brochures and catalogues. For articles and case stories. And we could go on. We help you find your voice, so your target audience – no matter where they meet you – can recognise your voice.

We can help you with:
Tone of voice
Core narrative
Text production

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